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Interagency Helicopter Operations Subcommittee

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Mission Statement

The Interagency Helicopter Operations Subcommittee (IHOPS) provides national leadership in interagency helicopter operations. The IHOPS supports interagency efforts in helicopter safety, efficiency, standards development and implementation, procedures, programs and coordination. The IHOPS also provides interagency guidance for law enforcement, search and rescue, the resource management aviation for the US Forest Service (USFS) and Department of Interior (DOI).

Primary Objectives

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  • Promote safe, cost-efficient and effective aviation services in support of agency and interagency goals and objectives.
  • Define and standardize national interagency helicopter management and operational procedures for helicopter users from participating agencies.
  • Through standardization, facilitate the ability of personnel from different agencies to work cooperatively on incidents and projects.
  • Provide a framework within which areas, regions, states, and local units can provide supplemental site-specific guidance.

Guidance Documents:

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