National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Lightning Unit

LTNU header graphic.  Decorative. Lightning strikes over hills with a fire burning to the east.

Mission Statement

The Lightning Unit (LTNU) provides technical and business expertise for the development of lightning observation standards and requirements for wildland fire operational and research use, and the management of lightning data generated from vendors for the wildland fire agencies.

Primary Objectives

Decorative. Dark clouds roll in from range bringing a strong storm system.

  • Develop and maintain wildland fire lightning observation standards, guidelines, and requirements.
  • Ensure wildland fire business needs are met for lightning observation, and lightning data retention and storage.
  • Perform change management function for the Wildland Fire Management Information (WFMI) modules for lightning.
  • Ensure lightning data needs are met for the Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP) and Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC) and other entities involved in displaying and archiving of lightning data in support of wildland fire.
  • Provide subject matter expertise to the Bureau of Land Management Lightning Contract process.



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