National Wildfire Coordinating Group

RX510 Advanced Fire Effects Course Steering Committee

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Mission Statement

The RX-510 Advanced Fire Effects Course Steering Committee (RX510CSC) provides national leadership in management of the RX-510 training course.

Primary Objectives


  • Develop and maintain the RX-510 training course for advanced prescribed fire burn bosses, and cohesively all wildland fire planners and practitioners.
  • Provide expertise and exchange information on innovations on high-complex project planning as well as management strategies for growing and maintaining a robust wildland fire management program that includes managing prescribed fires and wildfires to achieve desired fire effects.
  • Base course information on continuously emerging science, advanced ecological processes, and trends adopted for practical use for field practitioners.
  • Provide decision support skills and tools within the curriculum that advance practitioner’s use of advanced fuels, fire, and vegetation monitoring, adaptive management, cultural considerations, prioritization tools, and landscape interpretation skills.
  • Coordinate with the Fuels Management Committee to ensure alignment with other relevant courses, elite course content and provide for a progressive learning experience.
  • Coordinate course delivery with the National Advanced Fire Resource Institute.


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Dave Schultz
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