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Smoke Managers Subcommittee

SMSC header graphic.  Heavy smoke billows up from a large forest fire. Inset photo of a wildland firefighter with full Nomax mask covering his face. Far right inset photo of heavy smoke from wildland fire. Decorative.

Mission Statement

The Smoke Managers Subcommittee (SMSC) provides relevant technical, administrative, and organizational information and feedback for operational smoke managers, forecasters and modelers.

Primary Objectives

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  • Identify criteria for and assist with the development of the skills necessary for successful decision-making within the context of smoke managers for wildland fires.
  • Develop communication protocols for both wildfires and prescribed fires.
  • Develop consistent recommendations for wildland fire management which account for the air quality impacts of planned and unplanned ignitions.
  • Develop, publish, and maintain relevant products, handbooks and guides.
  • Develop webinars, briefing papers, presentations, etc., to distribute the information.


FRAMES - Fire Research and Management Exchange System - FRAMES strives to provide a convenient, systematic exchange of information and technology within the wildland fire research and management community.

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