National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Standards for Helicopter Operations Unit

SHOU header graphic.  Mountain top helicopter base with single helicopter on launch area. Inset photos of a group of wildland firefighters walking to board helicopter, and a sky crane helicopter siphoning water from hose on body of water. Decorative.

Mission Statement

The Standards for Helicopter Operations Unit (SHOU) manages the content of the NWCG Standards for Helicopter Operations, PMS 510, which promotes the safe, cost-efficient and effective aviation services in support of agency and interagency helicopter operations.

Primary Objectives

Two helicopter pilots in helicopter. Pilot on right is writing data on upper window. Decorative

  • Define and standardize national, interagency helicopter management and operational procedures for helicopter users from participating agencies.
  • Through standardization, facilitate the ability of personnel from different agencies to work cooperatively on incidents or projects.
  • Provide a framework within which areas, regions, states, and local units can provide supplemental site-specific guidance.




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