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Technical Smoke Topics Subcommittee

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Mission Statement

The Technical Smoke Topics Subcommittee (TSTS) provides a forum to promote open dialogue among federal, tribal, state and local agencies, non-governmental organizations, academia, and other private partners, to advance practices and understanding of current and emerging technical subjects surrounding air quality, wildland fire and smoke topics.

Primary Objectives

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  • Create working groups to advance emerging technical issues on wildland fire and smoke science.
  • Assess and advance technical products to build wildland fire management field capabilities to address the air quality impacts of planned and unplanned fires.
  • Provide technical analysis of rules, policies, and documents that affect wildland fire operations.
  • Develop, publish, and maintain relevant products.
  • Develop and maintain an inventory of smoke management resources and tools.
  • Develop webinars, briefing papers, presentations, etc., to distribute the information.


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