National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Unit Identifier Board

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Mission Statement

The Unit Identifier Board (UIB) provides national leadership in the approval and use of Unit Identifiers in support of effective fire management decision-making. Primary objectives include:

Primary Objectives

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  • Manage NWCG data standards, business rules, and processes related to Unit Identifiers and associated information.
  • Publish current Unit Identifiers in the document NWCG Unit Identifiers, PMS 931.
  • Ensure standards and processes are implemented consistently by Geographic Area Coordination Centers, agencies, and applications.

From the markings on a wildland fire engine to every incident listed on the daily Incident Management Situation Report (IMSR), the Unit Identifier (UI) is an integral piece of information.

Unit Identifiers may be the most fundamental and essential informational elements for the interagency incident management community because they uniquely identify organizational units within that community. Unit Identifiers are created by the interagency incident management community. They are the standard way organizational units communicate who they are, the incidents they are hosting, and the resources they provide, in a way that is common among agencies and applications.

In the past, misunderstandings, assumptions, lack of standards, and inconsistent utilization of Unit Identifiers has led to mistakes and inefficiencies, such as lost time and increased costs. Users were often forced to conduct uncoordinated and divergent workarounds to achieve desired outcomes.

Geographic Area Unit Identifier Data Custodians


Alaska Interagency Coordination Center

Peter Butteri

(907) 356 - 5874

Jennifer Humphrey

(907) 356 - 5690


Northern California Area Coordination Center

Chris Bunker

(530) 226 - 2800

Laurie Forni

(530) 226 - 2800


Southern California Area Coordination Center

Shayne Canady

(951) 782 - 4169

Manuel Salas

(951) 276 - 6725


Eastern Area Coordination Center

Brendan Neylon

(414) 944 - 3811 

Jennifer Parrish  

(414) 391 - 6090


Great Basin Coordination Center

Gina Dingman

(801) 531 - 5320


Northern Rockies Coordination Center

Roy Robinson

(406) 329 - 4881


Northwest Area Coordination Center


Gina Papke

(503) 277-3391


Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center

Rob Juhola

(303) 445 - 4304

Travis Hartsburg

(303) 320 - 3000


Southern Area Coordination Center


Tracy Robinson

(678) 320-3000


Southwest Area Coordination Center

Kenan Jaycox

(505) 842 - 3473

Juan Ortiz

(505) 842 - 3472


Gina Papke, Chair; Kara Stringer, Co-Chair
NWCG Coordinator: 
Katy O'Hara
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