National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Wildland Fire Investigation Subcommittee

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Mission Statement

The Wildland Fire Investigation Subcommittee (WFISC) provides national leadership in wildland fire investigation. This includes developing and promulgating wildland fire investigation standards, qualifications, training, certification, and practices that are sufficient to support fire prevention as well as criminal, civil, and administrative actions.

Primary Objectives

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  • Establish and maintain a nationally recognized and accepted wildland fire investigation certification program for wildland fire investigators that is both reasonably attainable and meaningful.
  • Promote practices that ensure wildland fire investigations are conducted with a systematic and science based methodology. 
  • Develop and maintain training courses, handbooks and guides.
  • Develop and maintain an inventory of wildland fire investigation resources and tools.
  • Coordinate with pertinent stakeholders to provide information, assistance, and subject matter expertise in wildland fire investigation.

Investigation Courses

Our primary focus is maintaining the following NWCG Wildland Fire Investigation courses

  • FI-110, Wildland Fire Observations and Origin Scene Protection for First Responders
  • FI-210, Wildland Fire Origin and Cause Determination - required for the PMS310-1 Wildland Fire Investigator (INVF) position.
  • FI-310, Wildland Fire Investigation: Case Development - required training for the PMS 310-1 Wildland fire Investigation Team Member (INTM) position.
  • X-900, Investigating Power Line Caused Wildfires
  • X-902, Investigating Railroad Caused Wildfires



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