National Wildfire Coordinating Group

NWCG Data Standards, PMS 910

NWCG data standards (data element and geospatial data layer) provide specifications that enable the common usage of data across wildland fire information systems.  For more information click on one of the following lists:

Comment on a proposed data standard

When a new or revised data standard is ready for review and comment, it will be posted under Proposed Data Standards.

Request for a new or revised standard

Requests for the development of a new data standard, or for changes to a current standard, may be submitted on a Request worksheet

Requests should be emailed to the Data Standards and Terminology Subcommittee at

Download the User Guide and other reference materials

The User Guide for Development and Maintenance of NWCG Data Standards, PMS 938, explains the processes for developing and maintaining both NWCG data element and geospatial data layer standards.




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