Field Review

During field review a training course is released to the field to gather feedback from actual course deliveries. Field review is a critical step in the course development process. A course in field review status is in final stages of development and is considered provisionally certified for interagency use pending final certification. Course deliveries are fully creditable and successful students may be issued the NWCG Training Course Completion Certificate, PMS 921-1.

Please assist in the field review of this course by providing observations and constructive suggestions about any aspect of the course, including:

  • Are the learning objectives appropriately designed for the level of the course?
  • Do instructional materials contribute to the achievement of the stated course and unit learning objectives?
  • Do Learning activities provide opportunities for interactions that support active learning and discussion?
  • Is the assessment tool (Student Evaluation Task Sheet) appropriate to the student work being assessed? [S-130 review only]
  • Did the instructional materials allow instructors to effectively present course materials and concepts?
  • Did allocated unit time allow instructors to effectively present course materials and concepts?
  • Did the overall course help introduce students to the duties and responsibilities required to perform in the specified position?
  • What aspects of the course need improvement?

Although contact information is optional, we hope that you provide a way for us to contact you in case we need clarification on your comment. If you would like to be contacted regarding your feedback, you must provide contact information. 


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