Membership Information

Each member agency determines its committee/subgroup membership needs. Members are appointed through agency specific command channels with full understanding of the collateral duty nature of NWCG work and potential workload impacts. All membership is subject to Executive Board oversight. (NWCG Master Committee Charter).

Member agencies usually have no more than one primary member per committee/group. Exceptions occur based on geographic representation, subject matter, or skill needs. When an agency has multiple members on a single committee/subgroup, the members will have a single voice in decision-making discussions.

Membership by all agencies on every committee/subgroup is not required. Agency coordination may enable a single committee/subgroup member to represent multiple agencies.

Member Types and Responsibilities

Primary Member

Participates in decision-making. An employee or representative of an NWCG member agency. Primary members may serve in one of the following roles:

  • Chair: Responsible for accomplishing the committee/subgroup mission. Manages the activities of the committee/subgroup. Distributes workload within the committee/subgroup. All committees/subgroups will designate a chair.
  • Vice Chair: Primary assistant to the chair. Serves as the chair during the chair’s absence.
  • Co-Chair: Serves simultaneously with another co-chair. Co-chairs jointly perform the duties and share the responsibilities of the chair.

Associate Member

Participates in discussions but not decision making. The Executive Board and committees/subgroups (with Executive Board approval) may confer associate membership to individuals or entities with expertise, interests, or resources pertinent to the NWCG mission. Current associate member organizations at the Executive Board level are:

  • Australia/New Zealand Forest Fire Management Group (ANZ FFMG)
  • DOI Office of Wildland Fire

Alternate Member

Performs the primary member or associate member duties in absence of those individuals. May not perform chair duties. May not be a contractor or NGO representative.

Non-Member Types and Responsibilities

Support Staff

Provides administrative and technical support to committee/subgroup leadership.


Provides subject matter expertise, often from a separate functional area or multidisciplinary perspective. May or may not be an employee or representative of an NWCG member agency.


Facilitates a close working relationship and coordinates information exchange between two or more NWCG committees/subgroups or other stakeholders.

Non-member roles and participation are determined as needed at the discretion of the committee/subgroup chair, subject to Executive Board approval.

Committee member expectations

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