National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Post Wildfire Recovery Project Resources

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10 and 18 Safety
6 Minutes for Safety Safety
A coupled modelling approach to assess the effect of fuel treatments on post-wildfire runoff and erosion Science
A Synthesis of Post-Fire Road Treatment for BAER Teams: Methods, Treatment Effectiveness, and Decisionmaking Tools for Rehabilitation Field Guide
After the Fire Website - WA Silver Jackets Field Guide
Arthur Carhartt Wilderness Toolboxes Tools
Association for Fire Ecology General Information
Automated Geospatial Watershed Assessment Tools
BAER Satellite Image Support Tools
BAER Treatments Catalog Tools
Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Tools Science
Burned Area Emergency Response Treatments Catalog Field Guide
Causes of Post-Fire Runoff and Erosion: Water Repellency, Cover, or Soil Sealing? Science
Colorado Springs Emergency Preparedness and Safety Guide (2010) Field Guide
Colorado Watershed Protection Program General Information Colorado DNR
Community Wildfire Desk Guide and Toolkit (NACD 2009) Field Guide
Department of the Interior Manual: 620 DM 7 Policy and Authorities
DOI Manual, 620 DM 7 (Wildland Fire Management, Post-Wildfire Recovery) Policy and Authorities
Emergency Post-Fire Rehabilitation Treatment Effects on Burned Area Ecology and Long-Term Restoration Science
Erosion Risk Management Tool (ERMIT) Tools
Federal Wildland Fire Qualifications Supplement Policy and Authorities
FEMA After Fire General Information
Field Guide for Mapping Post-Fire Soil Burn Severity Field Guide
Field Validation of Burned Area Reflectance Classification (BARC) Products For Post Fire Assessment Science
Fire Effect Information System (FEIS) General Information
Fire Enterprise Geospatial Portel (EGP) Fire Status
Forest Service Manual 2520 BAER Policy and Authorities
Freshwater Ammonia Calculator Field Guide
Fuels & Fire Behavior Advisories Safety
Impacts of erosion control treatments on native vegetation recovery after severe wildfire in the Eastern Cascades, USA Science
Incident Response Pocket Guide, PMS 461 Safety
Inciweb Fire Status
Interagency Burned Area Emergency Response Guidebook Field Guide
Interagency Burned Area Rehabilitation Guidebook Field Guide
Interagency Standards for Fire and Fire Aviation Operations (Red Book) Policy and Authorities
Joint Fire Science Program General Information
LANDFIRE General Information
Landscape Assessment (LA) Sampling and Analysis Methods Science
LCES Safety
Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity General Information
Mortality reconsidered: Testing and extending models of fire-induced tree mortality across the US Science
Multihazard Planning Framework for Communities in the Wildland-Urban Interface (2018) General Information
NASA EOSDIS Worldview Fires Fire Status
National 7-Day Significant Fire Potential Fire Status
National Center for Landscape Fire Analysis General Information
National Interagency Coordination Center Fire Status
National Interagency Fire Center Fire Status
National Weather Service Interactive Alerts Safety
National Weather Service Warnings Safety
New Mexico After Wildfire Field Guide
NICC Incident Management Situation Report Fire Status
NIFC BAER General Information
NPS BAER General Information
NWCG Standards for Fire Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations, PMS 515 Policy and Authorities
NWCG Standards for Interagency Incident Business Management, PMS 902 Policy and Authorities
NWCG Standards for Wildland Fire Position Qualifications, PMS 310-1 Policy and Authorities
NWS Post Wildfire Flash Flood and Debris Flow Guide Flood and Debris
Okanogan County Wildfires Natural Resources Recovery Guide Field Guide
Operationalizing Resilience and Resistance Concepts to Address Invasive Grass-Fire Cycles Science
Oregon Post-Wildfire Flood Playbook Field Guide
Patterns of conifer regeneration following high severity wildfire in ponderosa pine - dominated forests of the Colorado Front Range Science
Peak Flow and Erosion Estimation Tools
Post Wildfire Flash Flood Hazards and NWS Products Flood and Debris
Post Wildfire Recovery Project Resources for the BLM ESR Handbook Policy and Authorities BLM, Policy, ESR
Post-Wildland Fire Desertification: Can Rehabilitation Treatments Make a Difference? Science
Postfire Rehabiliation of the Hayman Fire Field Guide
Program Brief Wilderness Character and Fire Wilderness and Fire
Rapid Response Erosion Database Tools
READ Cohort Document Vault General Information
Reducing Post-Fire Hillslope Erosion Science
Resource Advisor’s Guide for Wildland Fire Field Guide
Rock gabion, rock armoring, and culvert treatments contributing to and reducing erosion during post-fire flooding - Shultz Fire 2010 Science
SDSU Water Research and Modeling Tools
Standard Operations Guide, National BAER Team 2017 Policy and Authorities
State of New Mexico After Fire Website Field Guide
Storm Readiness Flood and Debris
Tall Timbers General Information
The Relationship of Multispectral Satellite Imagery to Immediate Fire Effects Science
The Role of Fire in Ecosystem Management Field Guide
US Fish and Wildlife Service Fire Management Handbook Policy and Authorities
US Forest Service BAER Reports Database Tools
USDA Forest Service RMRS Useful Publications Science
USDA Forest Service, Moscow Fire Science Lab Flood and Debris
USFS Post-Fire Resource Manager's Tool Kit Tools
USGS Fire, Floods and Landslides General Information
Using Remote Sensing to Monitor Post-fire Watershed Recovery as a Tool for Management Field Guide
Vegetation Response After Post-Fire Mulching and Native Grass Seeding Science
Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Model Tools
Weather Apps Tools
Weather Earth Global Map Tools
Weather Satellite Images Fire Status
Weather-Ready Nation (NOAA): Debris Flow Fact Sheet Flood and Debris
Wilderness Minimum Requirements for Wildland Fire Wilderness and Fire
Wildland Fire Decision Support System Tools
Wildland Fire Terminology General Information
Wildland Firefighter Foundation General Information