Position Task Book Revisions

When a new or revised PTB is published, current Trainees with an initiated PTB (including those individuals re-initiating or re-certifying) and at least one documented experience should continue to use their current PTB. Individuals with no tasks completed will use the new or revised PTB. Currently qualified individuals will not be affected by the transition to new or revised PTBs.

Comments and proposals on PTBs and the qualification process must be submitted through one of the avenues identified on the Request for Change form.

OTC may review PTB and qualification proposals and address issues at any time. OTC will consult with NWCG committees and subject matter experts as appropriate, and recommend adoption or rejection by the NWCG.

Position task books, which may be developed for positions not identified within the PMS 310-1, must be submitted to OTC for review and approval as NWCG positions.


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