NWCG Training Catalog

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NWCG training supports position performance for personnel mobilized to wildland fires and other all-hazard incidents. Click on a title below for description, delivery information, access to materials, and other pertinent information.

Training by category:
Aviation | Command | Dispatch | Finance | Investigation | Leadership | Logistics | Management | Operations | Planning | Prescribed Fire | Prevention

Non-IQCS courses including Firefighter Math, Investigating Railroad Caused Wildfires, Mountain Flying Training, Working with ESF #4 on Stafford Act Incidents: Command & General Staff, and Working with ESF #4 on Stafford Act Incidents: Incident Resources, are also available.

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# Title Primary Committee Maintained By Certification Date Key Words
D-110 Expanded Dispatch Recorder NCSC NCSC 2007-07
D-310 Expanded Dispatch Support Dispatcher NCSC NCSC 2016-04 Pre-course work
D-311 Initial Attack Dispatcher NCSC NCSC 2005-05
D-312 Aircraft Dispatcher NCSC NCSC 2009-06 Pre-course work
D-510 Expanded Dispatch Supervisory Dispatcher NCSC NCSC N/A
FI-110 Wildland Fire Observations & Origin Scene Protection for First Responders CEPC WFISC 2005-03
FI-210 Wildland Fire Origin & Cause Determination CEPC WFISC 2016-04 Pre-course work
FI-310 Wildand Fire Investigation: Case Development CEPC WFISC 2011-12
G-131 Wildland Training (FFT1) for Structural Firefighters IPSC IOSC N/A
G-231 Wildland Training (ENGB) for Structural Firefighters IPSC IOSC N/A
G-330 Wildland Training (STEN) for Structural Firefighters IPSC IOSC N/A
L-180 Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service LC LC 2008-09 Online course work
L-280 Followership to Leadership LC LC 2008-10 Pre-course work
L-380 Fireline Leadership LC LC 2005-01
L-381 Incident Leadership LC LC 2005-01
L-480 Organizational Leadership in the Wildland Fire Service LC LC N/A
L-481 Advanced Leadership for Command and General Staff LC LC 2015-05
L-580 Leadership is Action LC LC N/A
M-410 Facilitative Instructor IPSC IPSC 2013-03 Pre-course work
M-580 Fire in Ecosystem Management FMC FMC N/A
M-581 Fire Program Management, An Overview IPSC IPSC N/A
M-582 Fire Program Management, Leading Complex Fire Programs IPSC IPSC N/A
P-101 Fire Prevention Education 1 CEPC CEPC 2006-12
P-301 Fire Prevention Education 2 CEPC CEPC 2010-08
P-310 Fire Prevention Education Team Member CEPC CEPC 2006-12
P-410 Fire Prevention Education Team Leader CEPC CEPC 2008-01
RT-130 Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR) IPSC IOSC N/A
RT-273 Single Engine Air Tanker Manager Workshop NIAC SEATB N/A
RT-300 Prescribed Fire Burn Boss Refresher FMC FMC N/A
RT-340 HRSP Refresher Workshop IPS IPS N/A
RT-372 Helicopter Manager Workshop NIAC IHOPS N/A
RT-373 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Incident Operations Refresher NIAC NIAC N/A
RT-378 Air Tactical Group Supervisor Refresher NIAC NIAC N/A
RX-301 Prescribed Fire Implementation FMC FMC 2009-04 Pre-course work
RX-310 Introduction to Fire Effects FMC FMC 2017-06 Pre-course work
RX-341 Prescribed Fire Plan Preparation FMC FMC 2009-06 Pre-course work
RX-410 Smoke Management Techniques SmoC SmoC 2003-09 Pre-course work
RX-510 Advanced Fire Effects FMC FMC N/A
S-110 Basic Wildland Fire Orientation IPSC IOSC 2014-01 Online course work
S-130 Firefighter Training IPSC IOSC 2008-01 Blended course work
S-131 Firefighter Type 1 Training IPSC IOSC 2016-10
S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior FENC FBCU 2020-01 Online course work
S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander IPSC IPSC 2006-12 Pre-course work
S-203 Introduction to Incident Information CEPC PIOSC 2008-01 Pre-course work
S-211 Portable Pumps and Water Use IPSC IOSC 2012-03
S-212 Wildland Fire Chain Saws RMC IOSC 2012-12 Pre-course work
S-215 Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface IPSC IOSC 2013-06
S-219 Firing Operations FMC FMC 2014-08 Blended course work
S-230 Crew Boss (Single Resource) IPSC IOSC 2004-11 Blended course work, Pre-course work
S-231 Engine Boss (Single Resource) IPSC IOSC 2012-01 Blended course work
S-236 Heavy Equipment Boss (Single Resource) IPSC IOSC 2013-06 Pre-course work
S-244 Field Observer IPSC IPS 2007-07 Pre-course work
S-245 Display Processor IPSC IPS 2007-07 Pre-course work
S-248 Status/Check-in Recorder IPSC IPS 2006-06
S-258 Incident Communications Technician IPSC ILSC 2002-02
S-260 Interagency Incident Business Management IBC IBC 2005-06 Online course work
S-261 Applied Interagency Incident Business Management IBC IBC 2014-08
S-262 Incident Contractor Project Inspector IBC IBC 2016-10
S-270 Basic Air Operations NIAC NIAC 2011-03 Pre-course work
S-271 Helicopter Crewmember NIAC NIAC 2010-12
S-273 Single Engine Airtanker Manager NIAC NIAC 2011-08 Blended course work
S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior FENC FBCU 2010-10 Online course work, Pre-course work
S-300 Extended Attack Incident Commander IPSC IPSC 2008-03 Pre-course work
S-330 Task Force/Strike Team Leader IPSC IOSC 2014-09 Pre-course work
S-339 Division/Group Supervisor IPSC IOSC 2015-09 Pre-course work
S-340 Human Resource Specialist IPSC IPS 2011-06
S-341 GIS Specialist for Incident Management DMC GTU 2019-07
S-354 Facilities Unit Leader IPSC ILSC 2009-02
S-355 Ground Support Unit Leader IPSC ILSC 2000-10
S-357 Food Unit Leader IPSC ILSC 2008-10 Pre-course work
S-358 Communications Unit Leader IPSC ILSC 2008-12
S-359 Medical Unit Leader RMC EMC 2000-03
S-371 Helibase Manager NIAC NIAC 2007-03 Pre-course work
S-372 Helicopter Management NIAC NIAC 2009-03
S-373 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Incident Operations NIAC NIAC 2018
S-375 Air Support Group Supervisor NIAC NIAC 2006-08 Pre-course work
S-378 Aerial Supervision NIAC NIAC 2009-02 Pre-course work
S-390 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations FENC FBCU 2007-02 Pre-course work
S-404 Safety Officer RMC RMC 2013-03 Pre-course work
S-420 Command & General Staff IPSC IPSC 2002-10
S-430 Operations Section Chief IPSC IOSC 2006-02
S-440 Planning Section Chief IPSC IPS 2001-10 Pre-course work
S-443 Infrared Interpreter for Incident Management DMC GSC N/A
S-445 Incident Training Specialist IPSC IPS 2009-04 Pre-course work
S-470 Air Operations Branch Director NIAC NIAC 2013-08 Pre-course work
S-481 Incident Business Advisor IBC IBC 2014-08
S-482 Strategic Operational Planning FMC FMC 2015-06 Blended course work
S-490 Advanced Fire Behavior Calculations FENC FBCU 2010-08 Pre-course work
S-491 Intermediate National Fire Danger Rating System FENC FENC 2015-01
S-495 Geospatial Fire Analysis, Interpretation and Application FENC FENC N/A
S-520 Advanced Incident Management IPSC IPSC N/A
S-590 Advanced Fire Behavior Interpretation FENC FENC N/A
S-620 Area Command IPSC IPSC N/A
X-900 Investigation of Powerline Caused Widland Fires CEPC WFISC 2013-04