FI-310, Wildland Fire Investigation: Case Development

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Course Description

This course provides an introduction into the law enforcement case development of major wildland arson, including serial arson. Students are instructed in strategies and tactics to combat serial wildland arson and work in groups to develop a case plan and presentation based on an actual wildland arson case. Course includes extensive pre-course work reading, exercises, and a test. Due to the sensitive nature of the materials in this course, the course is maintained by the Wildland Fire Investigation Subcommittee. See Roster for contact information at

Course Objective:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of administrative and management functions related to the investigation of complex wildland fire cases.
  • Given a case file, the student will use his or her knowledge of advanced investigation methodology to analyze the data and properly identify any strengths and weaknesses associated with the case; determine necessary follow-up actions; and make assignments based on the analysis.
  • Review existing case file information and develop an investigative strategy that includes proper staffing and organizational structure; a written investigation plan; and an Incident Action Plan.
  • Identify and apply specific investigative strategies and administrative functions associated with the management of a complex serial arson investigation team or task force.
  • Prepare, collect, organize and disseminate all relevant investigative data.

Course Delivery

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Course Components

Course ComponentCourse Time
Pre-selection assessment2
Pre-course work13
Online trainingN/A
Instructor-led training36
Total Hours51

Course Session Offerings

Nationally advertised course sessions can be found by searching for FI-310 on the National Wildland Fire Training website. Contact your local Training Officer or Geographic Area Training Representative for more information about local course sessions.

Course Required For:


Course Recommended For:

Personnel desiring to be qualified as wildland fire investigation team members (INTM).

Prerequisite Qualifications and Training

Qualified as wildland fire investigator (INVF).

Satisfactory completion of pre-selection assessment.

Satisfactory completion of pre-course work.

Associated Position Task Books

Wildland Fire Investigation Team Member (PMS 311-90)

Functional Area: 
Prevention and Investigation
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