RT-130, Hazards

RT-130 Decorative banner. Group of photos depicting wildland firefighters performing various duties.

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Module Name Module Category Core Topics Key Words
Chainsaws and Human Factors Hazards Other Hazards & Safety Issues Photo of a firefighter using a chainsaw to making a face cut into a tree. Safety, Awareness
Margins Hazards Other Hazards & Safety Issues Drawing of an individual with points of margin surrounding them. Time, Safety, Hazards
Identifying Hazard Trees and their Target Zones Hazards Other Hazards & Safety Issues Two fire fighters looking at trees on hillside to access hazards. Chainsaw, Snag
Smoke: Knowing the Risks Hazards Entrapment Avoidance
Other Hazards & Safety Issues
A skeleton holding head with brain showing depicting a headache. Hazards, Medical, Safety
When Lightning Strikes Hazards Other Hazards & Safety Issues Photo of a bolt of lightening during a storm at night. Hazard, Environment, Safety
Fireline Fuel Safety Hazards Current Issues Photo of wildland firefighters pouring fuel into a drip torch tank.
Rollover Accidents and Seatbelt Safety Hazards Current Issues
Other Hazards & Safety Issues
Photo depicting an accident where crash dummies were not seatbelted in and ejected from the vehicle. Driving, Hazard, Safety
Transfer of Command Hazards Other Hazards & Safety Issues Photo of firefighter walking in front of flames. Risk, Safety, Communication, Human Factors
Hazardous Materials The Industrial Interface Hazards Other Hazards & Safety Issues Photo of a gas fire plume in a field with fire trucks on the road. Safety, Risk, Awareness
Driving Safety Hazards Other Hazards & Safety Issues Photo of a fire crew rig driving down road. Driving, Hazard, Safety


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