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Minimum Instructor Qualifications

Minimum Instructor Qualifications Requirements have been established for instructors for RT-130. These requirements will ensure that an appropriate level of expertise and knowledge is available to facilitate refresher training exercises and discussions.

  • Lead instructor must be a qualified single resource boss.
  • Unit instructors must be qualified firefighters type 1 (FFT1).
  • Adjunct instructors may be utilized to provide limited instruction in specialized knowledge and skills at the discretion of the lead instructor. They must be experienced, proficient and knowledgeable of current issues in their field of expertise.
  • All instructors will need the knowledge and skills to utilize current educational technology as it relates to Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (RT-130) content, such as video streaming, downloading interactive videos, and use of mobile applications and devices.
  • Instructors must be prepared to facilitate a quality refresher that engages all students regardless of ICS qualification or experience level.

See Instructor Standards Section for more information.

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