RT-130, Leadership

RT-130 Decorative banner. Group of photos depicting wildland firefighters performing various duties.

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Use the search box for key words or core components (entrapment avoidance, current issues, fire shelter, other hazards and safety issues).
Module Name Module Category Core Topics Key Words
Communication Tools Leadership Other Hazards & Safety Issues Photo of a firefighter using a map on the ground to explain the situation to those around him. Radio, Safety, Human Factors
Command and Control Leadership Other Hazards & Safety Issues Photo of a hotshot crew lined out on a ridge in the black area of the fire. Awareness, Human Factors
Developing Realistic Tactical Objectives Leadership Other Hazards & Safety Issues Image of a time wedge graph that grows larger from left to right. Awareness, Human Factors
Professional Reading Program Leadership Other Hazards & Safety Issues Drawing of books on a bookshelf with a title that reads "professional reading program" Book, Leadership
Fireline Leadership Leadership Current Issues
Other Hazards & Safety Issues
Photo of firefighters gathered around a tree learning about tree hazards. Communication, Awareness, Human Factors
Human Factors: The Gap Leadership Other Hazards & Safety Issues In this photo, passengers wait to be rescued on the wings of a US Airways Airbus 320 jetliner that safely ditched in the frigid waters of the Hudson River in New York. Time, Analysis, Awareness
Boise Bicycle Project - Collaboration and Partnerships Leadership Current Issues photo of Boise Bicycle Project logo Learning, Organization, Human Factors
Seahawks Leadership Teamwork Communication Leadership Current Issues Photo of Seattle Seahawks team doing drills Learning, Organization, Human Factors
Crew Cohesion Leadership Other Hazards & Safety Issues Photo of a group of firefighters standing on ridge top. Communication, Leadership


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