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RT-130, Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR)

Firefighting Orders and Watch Out Situations Immersive Activity

RT-130 Decorative banner. Group of photos depicting wildland firefighters performing various duties.

Apply the 10 Standard Firefighting Orders and 18 Watch Out Situations to simulated fireline scenarios. This interactive module intentionally provides multiple options for the user to apply a variety of decision-making tools with no right or wrong answers, only different outcomes for each scenario. Outcomes are based on individual user perceptions of risk and situational awareness based on experience level.
Category: Operations
Core Component(s): Fire and Aviation Operational Safety;
Human Factors, Communication and Decision Making

Estimated Delivery Time: 30:00; Video Length: N/A

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Apply the 10 Standard Firefighting Orders and 18 Watch Out Situations to simulated fireline scenarios. The module is intentionally designed to provide multiple options for the user to use a variety of tools to make decisions with no right or wrong answers, only different outcomes for each scenario. Outcomes are based on individual user perceptions of risks and situational awareness based on experience levels.​

Facilitator Preparation

  • Review the immersive activity and work through all the scenarios prior to facilitation.
    • Hand Crew Scenario (automatically opens first)
    • Helitack Scenario
    • Indirect Line Scenario
    • Initial Attack Scenario
    • Prescribed Fire Scenario
  • Become familiar with the toolbar and icon functionality of the application and be able to describe these to participants.
  • In each scenario, there are multiple actions that lead to different outcomes.  Review all of the alternatives prior to facilitation.
  • Some elements of the activity incorporate 360 degree photos.  While they are designed for and preferably viewed on mobile devices, all functionality is maintained when viewed on a computer monitor or projector.

Toolbar and Icon Functionality

Icon Functionality
map icon

The map icon can be selected at any time to go to another scenario.

notebook icon

If the notepad icon is highlighted, it is recommended that you refer to your Incident Response Pocket Guide (IRPG), PMS 461.

eye icon

If the eye icon is highlighted, you should assess your surroundings. You can survey an area by looking up, down, and all around. 

hand icon

If the hand icon is highlighted, actions can be taken, such as selecting a hazard or a button.

question mark icon

If the question mark icon is highlighted, you are encouraged to select it and ask questions provided on screen.

Facilitate Activity

  • Present the Hand Crew Scenario to the entire group in order to demonstrate the functionality of the application.
  • Divide the class into small or large groups depending on the number of participants.
  • Assign one more scenario to each group.
    • Method 1: Assign each group the same scenario (e.g., all groups complete the Helitack Scenario).
    • Method 2: Assign each group a different scenario (e.g., one group completes the Helitack Scenario, another group completes the Initial Attack Scenario, etc.).
    • Method 3: Assign multiple or all scenarios depending on time limitations and group size.
  • Establish an end time for the groups to complete the scenarios and conduct After Action Reviews (AARs).
  • Allow groups to work through the scenarios without facilitator input.
  • Have each group conduct an AAR upon completion of their assigned scenario(s).
  • Consider having participants document their decisions, outcomes, and AAR.

Facilitating the Discussion

  • Once all groups have completed their AARs, facilitate discussion with all participants.  
  • Depending on which method was used to assign the scenarios, consider reviewing each scenario.
  • Identify differences in group responses and outcomes.
  • Discuss the differences between each group's perceived risk and situational awareness.



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