S-260 Interagency Incident Business Management, 2014

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General Information

The material for the Instructor-led delivery of S-260 is not a standard NWCG course material package. This is due to the unique circumstances of S-260 development and certification. The Online Delivered version of S-260 was certified in 2014, and the Instructor-Led course was removed from the NWCG curriculum in 2016.

In 2017, field input regarding online course accessibility and geographic area course updates led to approval of two alternate, instructor led delivery options. These are:

  1. Instructor-Facilitated, using the online course.
  2. Instructor-Led, using geographic area developed curriculum.

The Online Delivered version of S-260 also remains as a certified option. More information about S-260 curriculum history is available on the S-260 Administration and Revision History pages.

Instructor-Led Delivery Options

1. Instructor-Facilitated using the online course

Students will register for Online Delivery to access the course material. An instructor will facilitate each module of the curriculum. The final exam is included in the online course.

2. Instructor-Led using geographic area developed curriculum

This material will vary by geographic area. However, all deliveries will use the same final exam and meet the S-260 Course Learning Objectives. The Learning Objectives are organized into 12 modules. Each module has an adaptation of the Online Delivered course available for download.



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