Assistant Area Commander Logistics, ACLC

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Incident Positions
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  • Gathers intelligence from Incident Logistics Section Chiefs, Coordination Center and other personnel responsible for incident.
  • Evaluates and shares all functional information for logistics with Area Command Team members.
  • Identifies and orders resources required for Area Command Logistics operation; receive and process orders for all other Area Command functions.
  • Determines work space requirements, location and procurement procedures for the Area Command Team.
  • Establishes and maintains working relations and communications with Incident Management Teams, Coordination Center, Expanded dispatch, agency personnel, cooperators, Comptroller, Buying Team, and others.
  • Evaluates effectiveness of current system of Expanded Dispatch and identify needed improvements. If delegated authority for Expanded Dispatch; provides adequate staff including Expanded Dispatch Director; assures adequate facilities; determines scope of responsibility; and identifies relationship w/Buying Team.
  • Establishes procedures which facilitate communications; Area Command frequency coordination; sharing or reallocation of resources; and problem solving or conflict resolution.
  • Assists in developing Area command demobilization priorities and procedures; ensures cache demobilization requirements are met; ensures demobilization actions are coordinated between Incident Management Teams and Expanded Dispatch.
  • Assists Area Commander in developing an Area Command transition plan.
  • Provides information for the Area Command documentation package.
  • Prepares performance appraisals for all Area Command Logistics personnel; provides input for Incident Management Team performance appraisals.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Area Command S-620
  • Satisfactory performance as an Incident Commander or general staff on a National Type 1 IMT.
  • Satisfactory position performance as an Assistant Area Commander, Logistics on a wildland fire incident.
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