Assistant Area Commander Planning, ACPC

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Incident Positions
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  • Assembles information on individual incident strategies and objectives and determine potential conflicts based on the following information:
    • Wildland Fire Situation Analysis
    • Delegations of Authority
    • Objectives from Incident Action Plans
    • List of Incident Management Teams critical resources
    • Maps
    • Incident Status Summaries
    • Agency Administrator direction
  • Maintains an Area Command Incident Status Summary including critical resources by operational period by incident.
  • Prepares recommendations for allocation and/or reassignment of critical resources.
  • Prepares and distribute Area Command Team decisions.
  • Prepares and facilitate Area Command briefings as requested or needed.
  • Establishes direction for demobilization of critical resources.
  • Ensures demobilization plans are coordinated between Incident Management Teams and agency dispatchers.
  • Maintains unit log and log of strategic decisions.
  • Assures Area Commander re-delegates authorities to Incident Commanders as needed.
  • Prepares and maintains information for Area command documentation package:
    • Area Command briefing agenda(s) and schedules
    • Phone lists/organization charts
    • Area Command Delegations of Authority, roles, performance and other written agency administrator direction
    • Incident Management Team performance ratings
    • Dated priority/critical resources

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Area Command S-620
  • Satisfactory performance as an Incident Commander or general staff on a National Type 1 IMT
  • Satisfactory position performance as an Assistant Area Commander, Planning on a wildland fire incident
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