National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Comp/Claims Unit Leader, COMP

Position Category: 
Incident Positions
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  • Coordinates with incident agency and local law enforcement regarding incident agency investigations.
  • Coordinates with incident agency regarding investigation teams to document claims and accidents.
  • Responsible for overall management and direction of all compensation for injury specialist and claims specialist assigned to the incident.
  • Obtains and applies local administrative guidelines pertaining to APMC, medical facilities, law enforcement contacts, and compensation procedures.
  • Manages and supervises compensation/claims unit.
  • Coordinates with personnel to ensure completion of injury/illness claims documents are in adherence to established procedures (resolve injury/illness/claims problems/questions with incident personnel).
  • Coordinates injury/illness reporting and treatment authorizations.
  • Coordinates with agency for APMC payments.
  • Interact and coordinate with medical unit leader and safety officer.
  • Interacts and coordinates with medical providers to obtain medical treatment, completion of paperwork and facilitate payment.
  • Reports to supervisor injury/illness/claims trends.
  • Provides copies of injury records to time unit, provide contractor deduction information and contractor claim information to procurement unit.
  • Ensures that all compensation for injury and claims logs and forms are up to date and routed to the proper agency for processing.
  • Coordinates with appropriate agency(s) on hospitalized personnel.
  • Documents follow-up action needed for incident agency.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Satisfactory performance as a INJR and CLMS
  • Satisfactory position performance as a COMP
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