Expanded Dispatch Coordinator, CORD

Position Category: 
Incident Positions
Position Code: 
Functional Area: 
Coordination & Support
AD Class: 


  • Provides leadership and coordination in developing and implementing the expanded dispatch operation. Plans work objectives on a daily or project basis and makes adjustments to meet priorities. Adjusts shift lengths, staffing levels and work assignments based on changes to workload.
  • Manages incident and administrative intelligence (eg. Fuels, weather, resource status, and reporting) to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of expanded dispatch operations.
  • Coordinates and ensures that communication channels (telephones, email, radios and frequencies) with the incident and Geographic Area Coordination Center (GACC) are available, operable and afford a safe environment for incident personnel.
  • Provides technical advice and staff support to Multi-Agency Coordination Group (MAC), Incident Management Team (IMT), and host agency as requested.
  • Interacts successfully with Incident Management Teams (IMTs), Agency Administrators, Incident Business Advisors, Agency Financial/Administrative Officers, Agency Dispatch Managers, buying teams and contractors.
  • Provides supervision for the Expanded Dispatch Supervisory Dispatcher (EDSP).
  • Is a primary contact and has key responsibilities within various emergency plans (evacuation, aviation accidents, sever injuries, and fatalities, etc.).
  • Appropriately describes/interprets contracts, agreements, MOUs, and plans.
  • Conducts operations with policy/legal constraints.
  • Monitors performance of incident support organization and dispatch/coordination systems (timeframes on orders, adherence to dispatch principles, cost effective actions).
  • Manages external impacts (political/social/economic/sensitive issues, technologies implemented).
  • Defines intelligence requirements (interface with public affairs, briefings, development and display).
  • Advises agency and/or MAC (recognize and provide alternatives, provides data for priority setting, implement management direction, gathers and analyze data).
  • Coordinates safe, effective and orderly demobilization of resources.
  • Participates in and provides information for briefings and incident reviews.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Satisfactory performance as an EDSP, and
  • Satisfactory position performance as a CORD.
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