Demob Unit Leader, DMOB

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Incident Positions
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  • Develops the Demobilization Plan.
  • Implements, supervises, monitors and coordinates the demobilization process.
  • Facilitates emergency demobilization when necessitated by emergency situation.
  • Ensures agency policies regarding demobilization are followed.
  • Responsible for all safety related issues related to demobilization policies.
  • Ensures that the demobilization of suppression resources is completed in an economically conservative fashion. Involves matching of resources to home units. Involves knowledge of large air transport capabilities, location of appropriate jet ports and flight logistics.
  • Gathers and reviews resource records and information to determine the like size and extent of the demobilization efforts.
  • Obtains objectives, priorities, schedules, ongoing resources needs, and constraints for the demobilization plan, this information is gathered from the Section Chiefs, Unit leaders of each section and agency representatives of incident agency and dispatch.
  • Develops list of identified surplus resources and probable release times, travel methods, and maintains contact with agency dispatch on release schedule.
  • Develops incident check-out function for all units, evaluates logistics and transportation capabilities to support demobilization. Processes emergency release requests.
  • Prepare appropriate directories (e.g. maps, instructions, etc.) for inclusion in the demobilization plan. Ensures the ICS Form 221 is prepared for each resource prior to major demobilization.
  • Obtains review and approval of the demobilization plan, provides copies to section chiefs, agency dispatch and IC, who provides final approval upon review. Ensures all Sections/Units understand their specific demobilization responsibilities.
  • Distributes demobilization plan on and off-site to: command and general staff, appropriate unit leaders, agency representatives, check-out locations, incident agency dispatch and others who assist in the implementation plan, and posts plan in prominent locations.
  • Implements, supervises and monitors demobilization process. This involves maintaining contact with all who are responsible for implementing the demobilization plan, ensures released resources meet standards established in the demobilization plan, i.e., rest and feeding requirements, adjusts priorities and work assignments to meet schedules and management objectives, requests verification of transportation to home base, reassignment availability and other qualifications and coordinates surplus personnel and resource assignment needs with Resource Unit Leader.
  • Maintains close coordination with agency dispatch during plan implementation. This involves establishing notification procedures and time frames, verify transportation arrangements, and update/change release schedule.
  • Demobilizes resources and finalizes incident demobilization by coordinating with the agency demobilization organization to ensure all excess resources are demobilized and all issues are resolved, and advises the Planning Section Chief.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Knowledge of supervisory principles and incident practices to effectively and efficiently supervise and coordinate with other incident team sections.
  • Interpersonal skills to communicate, verbally and in writing with members of the Planning Section and other Incident Section Chiefs.
  • S-347, Demobilization Unit Leader
  • Satisfactory performance as a Resource Unit Leader and position performance as a demobilization Unit leader on a wildland fire assignment.
  • To maintain currency incumbent must have either the Resource Unit Leader or Support Dispatcher fire assignments.
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