Finance/Administration Section Chief Type 3, FSC3

Position Category: 
Incident Positions
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  • Establishes and maintains positive internal and external interpersonal working relationships.
  • Provides for the safety and welfare of assigned personnel.
  • Gathers information necessary to assess incident assignment and determines immediate needs and actions.
  • Attends Agency Administrator or outgoing IC briefing. Obtains available incident information and incident agency guidelines and policies.
  • Evaluates, and shares with Incident Management Team (IMT) members, pertinent information for the section which may affect incident management team.
  • Supervises or performs duties of the section.
  • Ensures reports and forms are complete, accurate and timely.
  • Reviews contracts, memoranda of understanding and cooperative agreements to ascertain their impact and application.
  • Participates in preparation and review of Incident Action Plan (IAP).
  • Provides financial summary information on current incident operations.
  • Participates in the operational period briefing, emphasizing the needs of the finance/administration section.
  • Interacts and coordinates with all command and general staff. Receives and provides current information.
  • Updates IC on current accomplishments and/or problems.
  • Maintains Unit Log, ICS 214.
  • Considers demobilization needs throughout the incident.
  • Assists in development and approval of Incident Demobilization Plan.
  • Ensures that performance ratings are completed as required by the incident or agency policy.
  • Transitions with incident agency and/or other incident management team to determine that final finance package is complete/accurate and presented with follow-up items.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Interpersonal skill level to communicate, verbally or in writing, with local, and state or the private sector.
  • ICS-400, Advanced ICS.
  • Recommend e-ISuite knowledge.
  • Satisfactory performance as TIME or COST or ICT3.


  • Completion and Certification of PTB as a Finance Section Chief Type 3 (FSC3) (All Hazard).


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