Initial Attack Dispatcher, IADP

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Incident Positions
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Coordination & Support
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  • Utilizes and maintains forms and records (dispatch logs, flight requests/schedules, resource orders, accounting codes logs, etc.).
  • Demonstrates ability to utilize computers and dispatch applications (weather, situation reports, aviation, resource tracking, and computerized dispatch).
  • Utilizes and interprets maps (topographic maps for navigation).
  • Plots fire locations using coordinate systems.
  • Directs resources to plotted locations.
  • Uses established methods to collect pertinent information and produce intelligence products (daily fire observations, resource status, fire statistics, etc.).
  • Retrieves and distributes intelligence products (spot weather, am/pm forecasts, weather alerts, lighting, fire behavior trends, etc.).
  • Monitors, prioritizes and coordinates radio traffic involving multiple frequencies.
  • Dispatches tactical resources according to hosting agency procedures.
  • Working knowledge of aircraft capabilities, use and safety; cost effective aircraft mission requirements.
  • Identifies hazards and deconflicts airspace (frequency management, TGR, airspace coordination, MOA, MTR, etc.).
  • Plans and implements flight following procedures.
  • Dispatches tactical aircraft (airtankers, smokejumper aircraft, lead planes, air attack platforms, and helicopters).
  • Provides and coordinates logistical support for initial and extended attack.
  • Uses local and national protocol to process off unit requests and travel arrangements.
  • Implements established emergency (non-suppression) dispatch plans (crash rescue, medevac, search and rescue, law enforcement, etc.).
  • Ensures appropriate documentation is completed according to agency policy.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Capable of performing all duties in the initial attack of resources in support of incidents
  • NWCG certified
  • EDSD qualified
  • S-130, Firefighting Training
  • S-190, Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior
  • Fireline experienced


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