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Interagency Resource Representative, IARR

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Incident Positions
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The Interagency Resource Representative (IARR) works for the Geographic Area Coordination Center (GACC). This position is assigned to an incident, a complex, or a geographic area, or requested by the home geographic area to serve as GACC representative for committed crews, overhead, and equipment to wildland fire or all-risk incidents within or outside of the home geographic area. The main responsibility is to represent the GACC regarding the care and welfare of resources, and is required to have daily interaction and communication with area resources and Incident Management Team. The IARR has responsibility to communicate by daily reports to the home GACC Intelligence Section. The IARR is ordered by the GACC and will be working for the Center Manager or designee.


  • Informs home GACC of the status of resources assigned and relays pertinent information of area Federal and State crew(s), overhead and equipment.
  • Provides assistance to appropriate personnel regarding timekeeping, commissary, travel, accidents, injuries, personnel problems or emergencies and other administrative needs and assists the IMTs in providing for the well-being and safety of assigned area resources.
  • Is sensitive to cultural differences and needs of firefighting crews, and non-tolerance of any harassment or discrimination.
  • Represents the geographic area regarding the care and welfare of the area resources such as crews, overhead, and equipment.
  • Provides home GACC with a closeout report in a timely manner upon demobilization to home unit.
  • Must possess strong communication skills both written and verbal, attention to detail, provide documentation for reports and required medical forms.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Must be highly skilled and knowledgeable in the application of current interagency Incident Business Management procedures, personnel management for interagency wildland fire emergencies, and natural disasters supported by FEMA, accident reporting, commissary, current federal travel regulations, and medical care procedures.
  • Provides leadership and guidance in all areas of the interagency Incident Command System, mobilization and demobilization guidelines and procedures.
  • Expected to possess knowledge of policies as they related to each agency represented by the home geographic area.
  • Must possess knowledge and familiarity in dealing with Incident Management Teams, other agency representatives and the Dispatch Coordination/Mobilization System.

Supervisory Controls

This position may supervise one to two IARR trainees. During extended fire situations, the position may become IARR Coordinator for 2 or more IARRs during a two week assignment.


The majority of the work is interagency in nature and few guidelines exist. Professional judgment and creativity is required for adopting the number of existing agency specific guidelines or developing approaches to meet regulatory, administrative, or technical requirements.


This position must be able to handle accident reporting, travel questions, medical care procedures, and personnel management in incident situations, interaction with IMTs, GACC center managers, local fire managers and immediate family members. Assists in resolving disciplinary cases, and provides documentation and notification to the home GACC. The IARR must be able to cope and handle stressful situations such as loss of life, shelter deployment, disciplinary actions, and physical and emotional health in a discreet, professional and respectful manner in all circumstances while at the incident and during mobilization or demobilization, maintain confidentiality at all times.

Scope and Effect

The IARR provides input as to the utilization of assigned resources to the IMT and GACC for well-being and safety of personnel. The IARR also maintains daily contact with the home GACC to exchange information as to the status of area resources in verbal and written reports for internal and external customers.

Personal Contacts

Contacts are with Incident Management Teams, Home and Host Geographic Area Coordination Centers (GACCs), Intelligence Coordinator, Home dispatch centers, Plans Section Chief, and Human Resources Specialist at the incident.

Purpose of Contacts

The IARR establishes contact with the Incident Management Teams (IMTs), the home and host Geographic Area Coordination Centers (GACCs) to provide information and assistance to resources (crews, overhead, engines) during resource check-in and initial work assignments. The IARR maintains daily contact with the home GACC to exchange information as to the status of area resources during fire FEMA, and all-risk assignments.

Physical Demands

The work is generally moderate physical demands under stressful conditions. This position spends long hours standing, walking or traveling via car to fire camps to maintain daily contact with area resources. During the fire season, work will require intense concentration for long work shifts of up to 16 hours.

Work Environment

The majority of work is conducted in a fire camp, on the road, at a mobilization center, in a staging area, and at an airport facility.

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