RX Burn Boss Type 2, RXB2

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Prescribed Positions
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  • The Prescribed Fire Burn Boss is responsible to the agency administrator/Prescribed Fire Manager and coordinates with the FMO on implementing the Prescribed Fire Plan.
  • Reviews prescribed Fire Plans prior to implementation and ensure that plan requirements are met.
  • Confirms pre-burn notifications are done.
  • Performs a reconnaissance of the site prior to implementation to validate burn plan elements, including areas of special concern and that holding/contingency plans adequately address the expected fire behavior outside of the unit.
  • Maintains communication with the FMO and/or Agency Administrator.
  • Obtains area/zone weather forecasts, spot weather, updates and advisories from a meteorologist.
  • Coordinates required/qualified personnel and equipment.
  • Ensures that the Agency Administrator Go/No-Go decision and checklist is still valid.
  • Coordinates with resource advisor and or land owners and permittees when burning on or adjacent to private lands.
  • Makes the go/no-go decision, complete and sign the implementation go/no-go checklist.
  • Conducts the personnel/safety briefing to ensure a safe operation.
  • Conducts the test burn.
  • Supervises assigned personnel.
  • Oversees the ignition, holding and monitoring operations.
  • Ensures that a log records all activities during each operational period.
  • Continuously monitor the prescribed fire to determine if it is not within prescription parameters or is not meeting project objectives.
  • Make the decision to declare the prescribed fire a wildfire and manage the incident or oversee the transition to another Incident Commander if an escape occurs.
  • Evaluate and document objective accomplishments, operational procedures, assigned personnel and costs.
  • Implement the contingency section until the prescribed fire is out.
  • Declare the prescribed fire out unless the project is formally passed to another burn boss, prescribed fire manager or the local fire management organization.
  • Ensure that reports are completed.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations (S-390)
  • Satisfactory performance as an Ignition Specialist Type 2
  • Satisfactory performance as an Incident Commander Type 4
  • Satisfactory position performance as a Prescribed Fire Burn Boss Type 2 in representative fuel group(s)
  • Recommended training includes: Prescribed Fire Burn Boss (RX-300), Leadership and Organizational Development (S-381), Introduction to fire Effects (RX-310)
  • RX300 and RX341


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