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Airtanker Base Application Unit

IABDU header graphic.  Photo of an airtanker dropping retardant over a hillside with two inset photos of the NWCG Airtanker Base Directory, and an airtanker on the runway. Decorative.

Mission Statement

The Airtanker Base Application Unit (ABAU), our mission is to uphold the highest standards of excellence in managing the NWCG Airtanker Base Directory, PMS 507. We are committed to promoting the safe, efficient, and effective utilization of aviation services in support of agency and interagency airtanker base operations during wildfire suppression efforts.

Primary Objectives

Aerial view of an airtanker base with five large planes on tarmac. Decorative

  • The Airtanker base application unit is designed to support wildland fire managers, pilots, and contractors by providing essential information and resources related to airtanker base facilities. These facilities play a crucial role in aerial firefighting operations, as they serve as critical hubs for the coordination and deployment of airtankers and other aerial firefighting assets.



Proposed Change Request Form for NWCG Airtanker Base Directory, PMS 507

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