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Incident Human Resource Specialist Unit

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Mission Statement

The Incident Human Resource Specialist Unit (HRSPU) provides national leadership in development of incident human resource specialist standards.

Primary Objectives

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  • Establish and regularly update wildland fire incident position standards for HRSPs. This includes incident position description and position requirements for training, experience, physical fitness, and position currency.
  • Establish and regularly update training and performance support materials such as job aids, training courses, and position task books for HRSPs.
  • Develop and maintain the S-340, Human Resource Specialist training course based on the HRSP standards.
  • Engage with the NWCG Training Program on the training design process.

Information in Support of Behavioral Health and Employee Wellbeing.

The following information may be used in HRSP  messages for the IAP, placement on bulletin boards, and as a guide to orient people to the information to raise team awareness. The information will also assist the IC's in providing information to fire personnel regarding the topic of work environment and employee wellbeing on an incident.

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Incident Kits – Spring 2022



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