National Wildfire Coordinating Group

NFES Catalogs

The National Fire Equipment System (NFES) was created to provide standards for fire supplies and equipment as well as an organized method for ordering and stocking those items. The NWCG National Fire Equipment System Catalog, national in scope, reflects the items admitted to the NFES and the cache locations where they are stocked.   Each catalog item has been assigned a unique National Fire Equipment System (NFES) number for identification and ordering purposes.  The NWCG NFES Catalog consists of two parts:

NWCG NFES Catalog - Part 1: Fire Supplies and Equipment, PMS 449-1:  This portion pertains to incident fire supplies and equipment stocked by and ordered from the National Interagency Support Caches (NISC). Ordering from Part 1 is limited to federal and state agencies via the NISC located within their respective geographic areas. For questions, contact your local NISC.

NWCG NFES Catalog - Part 2: Publications, PMS 449-2:  An Excel spreadsheet is the catalog and order form for publications, training course materials, signs, forms, and other reference materials which are stocked by and ordered from the Great Basin Cache (GBK), located at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho. Part 2 ordering is open to all parties. Please refer to the instructions below for ordering procedures.  For questions, contact the GBK Supply Office at (208) 387-5104.

All catalog item prices are adjusted annually in the spring.  Individual item prices may be subject to change without advance notice.

All NISCs perform an inventory once a year. The time frame varies among the caches. During inventory, resource orders for active incidents are the only orders processed. Routine orders are not processed during inventory. Call the NISC within your geographic area for specific information.




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