RT-130, Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR)

Emergency Medical Short-Haul

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An introduction to a new Forest Service Program Supporting Employees.
Category: Aviation
Core Component(s): Current Issues, Other Hazards & Safety Issues
Estimated Delivery Time: 1 hour; Video Length: 13:35, Estimated Delivery Time: 1 hour; Video Length: Exercise: 8:56

    Video 1

    Video 2: Exercise Video


    Review the use and procedures of Emergency Medical Short-Haul.


                Describe how to medivac a patient using Emergency Medical Short-Haul.

                Develop and provide rationale for a medivac plan.

    Facilitator Preparation

    • Review the module and videos
    • Write a unique set of Parameters (see list below) for each group.

    Facilitating the Discussion

    • Watch the video
    • Facilitate a discussion using the activity and discussion questions.

    Conduct Activity

    • Divide the class into small groups and distribute parameters to each group.
    • Advise participants that each group will:
      • Create a unique scenario using the provided parameters.
      • Develop a medivac response plan.
      • Provide a rationale for the plan.
      • *Note: Use your IRPGs. Other extraction techniques besides short-haul can be used depending on patient stability and the scenario.
    • Play the activity Medevac Exercise video
    • Have the groups present their proposed plans.

    Activity Parameters

    • Nature of Injury/Illness
    • Location (on Google Earth map)
    • Medical resources on scene
    • Time of day
    • Fire behavior/stage
    • Weather


    WFSTAR guides are currently being updated and will be added to each module page as they are completed.  In the interim, please use the following guide for this module.  This guide is not completely Section 508 compliant.  If you need an accessible version, please contact Travis Touchette at ttouchet@blm.gov.

    The Forest Service is standing up programs to increase the number of emergency medical short-haul capabilities

    Video Information

    Not yet available.




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