RT-130, Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR)

Panther Fire

RT-130 Decorative banner. Group of photos depicting wildland firefighters performing various duties.

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"Fire Shelter Deployments: Stories and Common Insights" is a program developed by the US Forest Service National Technology and Development Program in Missoula. It will help you understand what you may experience in a fire shelter deployment.
Category: Case Studies
Core Component(s): Fire Shelter
Estimated Delivery Time: 30 minutes; Video Length: 5:24

Video Information

This video is also available as a download. (Size 17 MB)
Download the .srt file for closed captioning (you may need to right click and Save As). For information on how to add closed captioning to a video, see this how to page.

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WFSTAR guide not yet available.  Please contact Travis Touchette at ttouchet@blm.gov if you have questions.





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