RT-130, Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR)

2018 Wildfire Summary

RT-130 Decorative banner. Group of photos depicting wildland firefighters performing various duties.

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2018 Wildfire Summary is a brief look back at the events and statistics that occurred during 2018.
Category: Operations
Core Component(s): Current Issues, Other Hazards & Safety Issues, New
Estimated Delivery Time: 30 minutes; Video Length: 4:05

Video Information

This video is also available as a download.  (Size 273MB)
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Suggested Classroom Activity

  • Watch the 2018 Wildfire Season Summary.
  • Review the 2018 LLC Incident Review Summary

Discussion Points

  • Discuss events and incidents of the past year


  • 2018 LLC Incident Review Summary - not yet available



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