Burned Area Emergency Response Specialist, BAES

Position Category: 
Incident Positions
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Functional Area: 
Coordination & Support
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This position serves as a member of the interdisciplinary assessment team, providing specialized expertise in natural/cultural resources affected by the fire or BAER assessment technical support.  The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Assessment Team members work for the BAER Assessment Team Leader and usually have no direct supervisory responsibilities.  Possible BAER Assessment Team members include:

  • BAER Hydrologist
  • BAER Engineer
  • BAER Soil Scientist
  • BAER Botanist/Plant Specialist
  • BAER Heritage Resource Specialist
  • BAER Range Specialist
  • BAER Biologist
  • BAER Forester
  • BAER Geologist
  • BAER GIS Specialist
  • BAER Landscape Architect
  • BAER Recreation/Wilderness Specialist


  • Obtains briefing from BAER Assessment Team Leader regarding burned area survey objectives, potential safety hazards, and planned assessment completion dates.
  • Attends all briefings conducted by BAER Assessment Team Leader.
  • Coordinates, as appropriate, with fire suppression Incident Command organization when entering, exiting, or traveling through the fire area.
  • Works cooperatively with other team members to execute incident action plan.
  • Collects and analyzes field data and supporting data appropriate to resource area of expertise.
  • Describes emergency conditions relative to resource specialty.
  • Prepares written, photographic, or map documentation of resource conditions.
  • Recommends potential treatment measures appropriate to resource area of expertise.
  • Develops treatment specifications, locations, and cost information for inclusion in the emergency stabilization plan and Burned Area Report.
  • Recommends effectiveness monitoring procedures and assists in development of BAER monitoring plan.
  • Assists in preparing initial FS emergency stabilization plan and briefing agency administrator.
  • Ensures that assessment team safety measures are followed.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements:

  • Knowledge of emergency stabilization program policy and objectives, completion of FS or Interagency BAER team member course and/or prior experience as a BAER assessment team member.
  • Specialized knowledge/experience regarding post-fire effects and effective emergency stabilization techniques specific to their resource specialty.
  • When fire is uncontained- work capacity fitness level of light, annual fire line safety refresher, S-190, S-130, communications and radio training.
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