Challenges: 2022 Wildland Fire National Leadership Campaign - Learning in the Wildland Fire Service

2022 campaign banner - Learning in the Wildland Fire Service


The theme for the 2022 Wildland Fire Leadership Campaign is “Learning in the Wildland Fire Service”.


The campaign is an opportunity for personnel at the local level - whether collectively or through self-development - to focus on leadership development activities relating to the national campaign theme.


  • To promote leadership development across the wildland fire community disciplines.
  • To provide an opportunity and resources that can be used for leadership development at the local unit level.
  • To collect innovative leadership development efforts and share those efforts across the community.

End State:

A culture that creates and shares innovative leadership development efforts in order to maintain superior leadership in the fire community.

Dates of Campaign:

Any time between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022.


All wildland fire personnel - line-going and support.


The campaign is flexible. Local units or teams may use or adapt any or all materials found on this website or posted on our social media platforms or develop a program or activity of your own spotlighting the campaign theme. Campaign coordinators are encouraged to craft the campaign to the needs of the local unit and team. Innovation should fuel your campaign delivery: workshops or tailgate sessions, to kick off staff meetings, as a team activity or self-directed, etc.

2022 Campaign Activities

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

  • Prepare a leadership journal for 2022.
  • Journalize your intentions for leadership development.
    • Capture key points from the Learning in the Wildland Fire Service bi-weekly reading found on our blog or social media platforms available via our website.

Challenge #3

Learning is vital to thriving in high-risk environments.

  • Update your self-development plan.
  • If you do not have a self-development plan, see our website.


Campaign Archives

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