Field Observer, FOBS

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Incident Positions
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  • Obtains briefing from Situation Unit Leader or work supervisor.
  • Obtains materials, transportation, and communications.
  • Performs general field observations and maintain field map.
    • Determines and records incident perimeter and identify potential changes.
    • Determines appropriate and safe travel routes.
    • Determines areas threatened.
    • Monitors weather changes and reports appropriately.
    • Anticipates, characterizes, and reports the range of variability of fire effects.
    • Identifies and reports hazardous situations and problem areas.
    • Identifies and reports safety zones.
    • Reports progress of operations and logistical support.
    • Maps current and potential facilities, such as drop points, water sources, and helispots.
  • Reports hazardous situations.
    • Immediately reports hazardous, life threatening situations to appropriate incident management personnel.
  • Monitors and records weather conditions.
    • Selects suitable weather sampling site(s).
    • Records temperature.
    • Calculates relative humidity.
    • Measures wind speed and direction.
    • Completes weather observation form.
    • Submits weather observations or forms as directed by supervisor.
  • Monitors incident situation.
    • Monitors, records, and reports fire behavior
      • Flame lengths
      • Rate of spread
      • Smoke indicators
      • Fuel models/conditions
    • Monitors, records, and immediately reports extreme fire behavior.
  • Safety.
    • Takes immediate corrective actions as conditions may warrant.
    • Adheres to agency specific and incident appropriate safety standards while performing all tasks.
  • Reports field data.
  • Maps and overlays production.
  • Maintains incident history on maps and narratives as required.
  • Provides documentation of situation unit activities.
  • Confirms demobilization instructions with supervisor.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Qualified in one Strike Team Leader position
  • Qualified in two Single Resource Boss positions (one must be CRWB or ENGB), and ICT4
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