Wildland Fire Investigator (reference section B.3 for conditions allowing the hiring of this position), INVF

Position Category: 
Incident Positions
Position Code: 
Functional Area: 
Coordination & Support
AD Class: 


  • Determines point of origin.
  • Determines cause of ignition.
  • Collects evidence to include testimony, records, documents, objects, etc.
  • Preserves evidence.
  • Protects the chain of custody.
  • Locates and protects general origin area of fire, post guard if necessary.
  • Searches for and protects evidence.
  • Identifies witnesses.
  • Interviews witnesses and other personnel involved with incident, or those with have knowledge that may be useful in the investigation.
  • Prepares case reports.
  • Provides recommendations.
  • Provides documents for court actions, criminal actions, etc.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements -  reference section B.3 for conditions allowing the hiring of this position

  • S-130 Basic Firefighter
  • S-190 Intro to Fire Behavior
  • P-151 Fire Origin and Cause Determination
  • P-240 Fire Prevention
  • Annual certification as FPO or qualified LEO


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