National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Planning Section Chief Type 1, PSC1

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Incident Positions
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  • Collects, identifies current and potential problems/concerns, and processes situation information about the incident. Monitors incident status and develops alternative strategies.
  • Supervises preparation of the IAP. Obtains elements from other appropriate sections within established time frames, which includes but is not limited to Wildland Fire Situation Analysis, contingency plans, and operation period briefings.
  • Incorporates the incident traffic plan (from Ground Support) and other supporting plans into the IAP.
  • Establish information requirements, supervises section and reporting schedules for Planning Section units.
  • Determines need for any specialized resources in support of the incident.
  • Assembles and disassembles strike teams and task forces not assigned to operations.
  • Establishes special information collection activities as necessary, e.g. weather, environmental, toxics, etc. Coordinates incident rehabilitation needs, e.g. Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation Team.
  • Provides periodic productions on incident potential. Identifies or reaffirms incident objectives, implements, describes and utilizes necessary agency policy, legal and fiscal constraints, and political considerations to be used in the planning meeting to review adequacy of strategic plans (WFSA and IAP).
  • Reports any significant changes in status information, providing accurate, adequate and current situation and resource status information with accurate maps.
  • Ensures that the Operations Section Chief identifies incident control lines, values to be protected, division boundaries, drop points; and prioritizes divisions in the event the choices must be made in allocating scarce resources, on maps visible to all attendees.
  • Coordinates with all sections to assure the plan as proposed can be implemented and supported by available resources and reconcile any differences.
  • Oversees preparation and implementation of the Incident Demobilization Plan.
  • Ensures all incident reports and narratives are completed, and debriefs Agency Administrator upon completion of demobilization.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Interpersonal skill to communicate, verbally and in writing with members of the planning section and other incident section chiefs.
  • S-520, Advanced Incident Management.
  • Satisfactory performance as a PSC2 and position performance as a PSC1 on a wildland fire assignment.


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