Status/Check-In Recorder, SCKN

Position Category: 
Incident Positions
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  • Verifies incident qualifications and collect information on: number of days in assignment status including previous assignments as appropriate, last day off, travel information, confirm at-work limitations if appropriate and unusual limitations and restrictions. Completes ICS-211 for each resource.
  • Completes forms within timeframes established by Resource Unit Leader.
  • Completes ICS 219 following ICS standard procedures and any specific directions provided by Resource Unit Leader.
  • Tracks restrictions and work requirements for operational resources by updating information for each operational period for each operational resource.
  • Briefs Resource Unit Leader about status of resources prior to preparation of ICS 215.
  • Maintains information about incident resources. Utilizes ISUITE software when available.
  • Responds and processes request as quickly as possible.
  • Assists Demob Unit Leader by preparing a list of scheduled releases and check-out resources using the appropriate forms.
  • Receives demo instructions from DMOB and insure that incident and agency procedures are followed.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Recommend ISUITE familiarity.


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