Incident Training Specialist, TNSP

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Incident Positions
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  • Motivates qualified individuals to accept trainees and follow program guidance. This will require creativity and an outgoing personality to convince trainers to accept the additional workload.
  • Contacts home units of trainees to ensure that the individual is qualified and that the appropriate initiation of the task book has occurred.
  • Meets regularly with both trainee and trainer to evaluate progress and ensure proper progress.
  • Initial contact with trainees will require an evaluation of their qualifications to ensure they have the background necessary for the proposed position. This requires a working knowledge of the qualifications system and the fire suppression organization.
  • Contacts the host unit of the incident to see if opportunities exist to help them improve their suppression capabilities.
  • Provides PTBs to approved trainees when the home unit was not able to provide them.
  • Conducts a closeout interview with the trainee and evaluator, assuring that documentation is proper and complete.
  • Identifies trainees, trainers and evaluators who are qualified and available to participate in the training program.
  • Initiates individual training programs.
  • Monitors the quality of the training assignments.
  • Initiates the Training Assignment List Form.
  • Evaluates the incident training potential with the Planning Section Chief daily.
  • Finalizes individual trainee assignments.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • S-445, Training Specialist
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