Equipment Technology Committee

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Mission Statement

The Equipment Technology Committee (ETC) provides national leadership in wildland fire equipment, supplies, and chemicals. The ETC enables coordinated interagency management of wildland fire equipment, supplies, and chemicals, including planning, development, acquisition, and utilization. The ETC provides oversight of the National Interagency Support Caches and National Fire Equipment System.

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  • Establish, maintain and communicate consistent interagency standards and guidelines for equipment, supplies and chemicals for wildland fire suppression.
  • Establish processes and procedures for the introduction, utilization, refurbishment, replacement, or disposal of any piece of equipment, supply item, or wildland fire chemical that has an established standard or specification.
  • Develop and implement standard operating procedures for ETC business practices which establish consistent, well defined methods of operations and decision making.

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Fuel Geyser Awareness

Vaporless Fueling System Field Evaluation

The Soter Fueling System (SFS) is a vaporless refueling system designed for chainsaws to mitigate the risk of injury from fuel geysering.  The SFS is a closed refueling system that prevents vapor from being released.   Information on the durability, maintainability and usability of the system is being evaluated by selected chainsaw operators. 

Soter Fuel System Orientation Video.  This video provides an overview of the Soter fuel system.  It includes instructions for proper installation and use.  Please watch the video before using the system.

Soter Fuel System Fuel Bottle Probe Retrofit Instructions.

Link to the evaluation.

Guidance Documents

Innovative Ideas

If you have an idea that you feel will improve wildland fire fighter safety, operating efficiency, and reduce costs, review the Guide for the Submission of Innovative Ideas for Product or Process Improvement and submission form. We'd like to hear from you!

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