NWCG Standards for Fire Equipment Storage and Refurbishing, PMS 448

These national standards are maintained by the NFES committee and are applicable at National Support Caches and local units.

Comments, questions, and recommendations shall be submitted to the appropriate agency program manager assigned to the National Fire Equipment System Subcommittee. View the complete roster at https://www.nwcg.gov/committees/national-fire-equipment-system-subcommit...
Item NFES Number Category Update Date
Fence – Barricade, Plastic, 4’ X 100’ 000608 Kits 2017-05
Kit – Coffee Heating 000480 Kits 2017-05
Kit – First Aid, 10-person, Belt 001143 Kits 2017-05
Kit – First Aid, Type III, 24-person 001604 Kits 2017-05
Kit – Shelter, 20’ Octagon 000549 Kits 2017-05