Air Tactical Group Supervisor, ATGS

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Incident Positions
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  • Provides oversight, supervision, direction to and is responsible for safety and coordination of all aerial resources assigned to incident(s) when they are in flight.
  • Provides leadership, information, and coordination with management and ground-based personnel regarding incident tactical aircraft operations, performance and safety.
  • Serves as airborne IC until qualified ground personnel assume responsibility.
  • Coordinates strategy and tactics with management or IMT.
  • Determines and recommends resource needs while over incidents.
  • Maintains communication with ground forces, assigned aircraft, and dispatching organization.
  • Recommends and defines boundaries of Temporary Flight Restriction.
  • Evaluates fuel types, terrain, fire weather, current and expected fire behavior for effective aerial size-up, suppression, and coordination with ground or management personnel.
  • Coordinates with fire managers identifying priorities, values at risk, ground and aerial restrictions on incident assignments.
  • Provides risk assessment and mitigates unacceptable safety risks for aerial and ground personnel.
  • Provides input to IMT for current and future cost effective performance, utilization, mobilization and demobilization of aerial resources.
  • Coordinates with incident and agencies for scheduling briefings, and debriefings of assigned flight crews.
  • Assures flight crews receive briefing on incident objectives prior to implementing operations.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • S-378 ATGS
  • Qualified DIVS
  • Fire Behavior training
  • Fire Operations training
  • Communicate verbally and in writing, to relay critical incident information
  • Function coherently during stressful situations
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