Helicopter Crewmember, HECM

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  • Briefs pilots regarding internal/external cargo operations (mission requirements, emergency procedures, flight routes, hazards, communications, etc.).
  • Receives briefing from pilots regarding cargo loading, rigging, weight/balance limits, etc.).
  • Provides passenger briefing prior to takeoff regarding safety harnesses, crash procedures, emergency operations, personal protective equipment.
  • Prepares manifest for personnel/cargo, ensuring allowable payload is not exceeded.
  • Prepares cargo load including manifest and load calculations, weight/balance limitations.
  • Tags and weighs loads.
  • Inspects nets, lead lines, and swivels for serviceability.
  • Attaches water bucket to helicopter.
  • Attaches longline and remote hook to helicopter.
  • Responsible for ensuring safe and proper procedures are followed for all movement around the helicopter.
  • Marshals helicopters utilizing hand signals, takeoff/landing; also utilizes radio-patch cord to give verbal instructions to pilots.
  • Constructs/prepares landing areas (helispots).
  • Performs firefighting duties.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • S-271, Interagency Helicopter Training Guide
  • Qualified FFT2 (Firefighter Type 2)
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