Situation Unit Leader, SITL

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Incident Positions
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  • Prepares and maintains incident history on maps and narratives.
  • Integrate data from various sources into meaningful information required by operations personnel. Source could include infrared data, aerial photographs, GIS, GPS, verbal reports from Field Observers, etc.
  • Manage infrared technological services.
  • Orders infrared services using established procedures.
  • Presents infrared data to the operations section in a useable format.
  • Obtains briefing from Planning Section Chief.
  • Organizes and supervises subordinates and work area.
  • Establishes and maintains positive interpersonal and interagency working relationships.
  • Provides for the safety and welfare of assigned personnel.
  • Obtains maps and gather operational information.
  • Establishes operational procedures with personnel, technical specialists, and operational personnel.
  • Prepares and maintains incident maps and displays.
  • Compiles information for planning meetings and IAP.
  • Attends planning meetings.
  • Prepares ICS Form 209, Incident Statue Summary.
  • Provides documentation of situation unit activities.
  • Maintains unit log ICS 214.
  • Confirms demobilization instructions with supervisor.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Qualified in one Strike Team Leader position
  • Qualified in two Single Resource Boss positions (one must be CRWB or ENGB) and ICT4
  • S-346, Situation Unit Leader


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