NWCG Project Priorities

The project list provides a transparent snapshot of the NWCG program of work, past, current, and future. The project list is not intended to be all-encompassing for daily staff work assignments, and it should be not assumed that projects will not move up or down in priority. The NWCG staff spreads daily work assignments across multiple priorities as the entire program of work moves forward.

  • Has multiple steps (tasks) and/or people involved.
  • Not day-to-day job-related work or ongoing maintenance, occurs outside daily work.
  • Has an end date, or requires significant work on a cyclical basis.
  • Requires more than a couple of days to complete.
  • Considered a significant revision or is a new publication or training course.
  • May include agency-specific request that comes to NWCG due to staff skillset.
  • Time Sensitive:
    • High - Immediate need; timing is critical.
    • Moderate – Some urgency, but not critical.
    • Low – No urgency.
  • Committee priority:
    • High – Steward has established this as a high priority.
    • Moderate – Steward has established this as a moderate priority.
    • Low – Steward has established this as a low priority.
  • Level of effort remaining:
    • High – Considerable level of work involved to finish project.
    • Moderate – Moderate level of work involved to finish project.
    • Low – Low level of work involved to finish project.
  • Size of audience:
    • High – 5001-10000.
    • Medium – 1001-5000.
    • Low – 1-1000.
  • Standards tied to a position? Y/N – Is this project tied to existing standards and/or is an existing standard.
  • Required training? Y/N – only applies to training courses; required in the NWCG Standards for Wildland Fire Position Qualifications, PMS 310-1.
  • Existing projects that need to be finished? Y/N – May not be the highest priority based on new criteria, but needs to get finished.
  • Current material significantly outdated or nonexistent? Y/N – essentially providing no or outdated information related to the training or standard.
  • Political sensitivity? Y/N – Deemed politically sensitive by NWCG Executive Board or multiple agencies.
  • NWCG Primary Staff (Program Manager, Coordinators, Training Program Manager, Publications Manager, Web Manager).
    • Convene monthly to update and reassess project priorities (additions, deletions, priority reassessment) (with Incident and Position Standards Committee (IPSC) and Training Delivery Committee (TDC) assigned representatives).
    • Present to Executive Board monthly for concurrence and maintain current priority list on website.
  • NWCG Committees
    • Submit new project requests to NWCG (figure out what a project request looks like).
    • Provide input on priorities for the projects under their stewardship.
  • TDC
    • Collaborate with NWCG Training Program Manager on course revision priorities.
  • IPSC
    • Assist in setting priorities based on agency needs.
  • Executive Board
    • Review priorities monthly and provide input/readjustment as necessary.

Current Priorities List

Priority Project Title Date Added Target Date Comments
01 Support for FY21 Training Season (TDC Tasking Memo) 20-09 20-12
01 Loading course materials on web for download (required training) 20-05 20-12 COVID motivated priority; also cache inventory driven. 58% complete.
02 Creating IPDs 18-01 21-06 75% drafted and approved.
03 S-131, Firefighter 1 18-01 20-10
04 NWCG Standards for Chainsaw Operations, PMS 212 20-07 21-03
05 RT-130, Rework the site design 20-08 20-11
06 S-130, Firefighter Training (ILT) 19-06 21-05 In field review status until a test course is identified.
07 RT-130, HTTSC: Chainsaw Ops Complexity 20-06 21-03 Approved FY21 budget request for IDIQ contract w/ specific period of performance; tied to Hughes Corrective Action Plan.
08 NWCG Prescribed Fire Summary and Final Complexity Worksheet, PMS 424-1 20-01 Unknown Pending committee review.
09 S-110, Basic Wildland Fire Orientation 20-07 21-06 SME request sent out.
10 P-310, FPET Member 20-01 20-10
11 NWCG Aviation Mishap Response Checklist, PMS 503 20-05 Unknown Pending committee review.
12 NWCG Standards for Aerial Ignition, PMS 501 20-05 Unknown Pending committee review
13 Aviation Risk Management Workbook, PMS 530-1 20-06 20-12
14 6MFS Edit All Entries 20-07 20-11 214 Total
15 RT-130, WFSTAR Updates 20-06 20-10
16 S-190, Intro to Wildland Fire Behavior (OLT) 20-06 21-06 7/6/20: kick off held.
17 RT-130, Mental Health Module (non-FMB) 19-05 21-01
18 Fix Printing Option for Position Pages, PMS 310-1 20-06 20-10
19 NWCG EB Memo Project 20-08 20-11
20 Move Safety Alerts From NIFC to NWCG 20-08 21-01 Create sortable list of all alerts including items already on NWCG.
No ranking Loading course materials on web for download (non-required training) 20-06 Ongoing
No ranking S-130, Firefighter Training (OLT) 20-06 20-10
No ranking NWCG Committee Homepages 20-06 20-11 All pages in new format. 90% finished.
No ranking NWCG Forms Project to OMB 19-05 20-11 On the horizon
No ranking Performance Support Module pages 20-04 20-11
No ranking NWCG Forms Project 19-05 20-11 Gather information before submitting to OMB.
No ranking BehavePlus Online Course 20-02 20-12
No ranking S-445, Training Specialist (OLT) 20-03 20-12
No ranking S-260, Interagency Incident Business Management 20-03 20-12
No ranking RT-130, 360 Point Fire Project Module 20-01 21-03
No ranking RT-300, FUSC: Landscape Scale RX Fire Planning 20-06 21-03 Approved FY21 budget request for IDIQ contract with specific period of performance.
No Ranking RT-130, SMOC: Planning and Responding to Smoke 20-06 21-03 Approved FY21 budget request for IDIQ contract with specific period of performance.
No ranking Fixed-Wing Parking Tender, FWPT 19-05 TBD
No ranking S-355, Ground Support Unit Leader 20-06 TBD
No ranking Radio Safety Awareness (5 modules) TBD
No ranking S-230, Crew Boss (ILT and Blended) 20-06 TBD
No ranking S-373/A-450, UAS Pilot (current ILT, may be blended) 20-06 TBD
No ranking Post Wildfire Recovery Program Website - Moving from FireNet 19-01 Unknown NWCG partner website. Waiting for content from POCs.
No ranking NWCG Guide to Smoke Management on Prescribed Fires, PMS 420-3 18-04 Unknown Pending committee review.
No ranking NFDRS Website - Moving from FireNet 19-10 Unknown Waiting for information from NFDRS personnel.


Completed Priorities List

Project Title Date Added Completion Date
Smoke and Roadway Safety Guide, PMS 477 19-08 20-10
NWCG Standards for Wildland Fire Position Qualifications, PMS 310-1 20-08 20-10
NWCG Wildland Fire Position Qualification Flowchart, PMS 308 20-08 20-10
RXMG PTB, PMS 311 20-08 20-10
NFES Catalog -- Part 2: Publications, PMS 449-2 20-10 20-10
FMB COVID Request (includes Mental Health Covid) 20-07 20-08
Guia de Repuesta de Incidentes Bolsillo (GRI / IRPG), PMS 461 ES 06-19 20-08
NWCG GISS Workflow, PMS 936-1 20-01 20-08
NWCG Standards for Fire Equipment Storage and Refurbishing, PMS 448 - Annual Update 20-06 20-08
Add Training Listing to All Committee/Subcommittee Pages 20-06 20-08
10 Standard Firefighting Orders & 18 Watch Out Situations, PMS 110 ES, 118 ES, 110-118 ES 19-09 20-08
Create views to show change history for all positions, 1) by position, and 2) by year, PMS 310-1 20-07 20-08
Create archived position pages for all archived positions, PMS 310-1 20-07 20-08
NWCG Airtanker Base Directory, PMS 507 20-08 20-08
S-420, Command and General Staff 20-07
10 Standard Firefighting Orders & 18 Watch Out Situations, PMS 110, 118, 110-118 19-09 20-07
Move FMB website to NWCG including subgroups 20-07 20-07
Week of Remembrance 20-05 20-06



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