Briefing Map

Product Description

The Briefing Map is displayed in the briefing area and used during operational briefings. It is a simplified, large-format map of the incident area that is used to discuss work assignments and other details. The briefing map can be printed or displayed digitally using a projector. Sometimes this map is referred to as a Briefing Area Map (BAM).

Target Audience

Incident personnel attending the operational briefing.


  • Standard Incident Command System (ICS) symbology.
  • Simple fonts and symbols for non-ICS features such as roads at exaggerated sizes, large enough to be read from the back of the briefing area.
  • Simplified base map to enable clear communication.
  • Extent is based on Operations occurring on the fire, the Situation Unit Leader (SITL) will provide guidance. 
  • Printed or projected as large as possible to serve a large crowd and to be visible from a distance.

Standard Elements

All map products produced should include the STANDL-SGD cartographic elements.


  • Incident perimeter, ICS line and point features (e.g., Completed Line, Drop Points, Camps, Incident Command Post). 
  • Division and Branch breaks and labels.
  • Major transportation routes to and from the incident.
  • Other SITL-requested data.


These are examples from actual incidents and may include non-standard SITL requests for base data, labels, etc.

  1. 2010 Wrangler Fire
  2. 2016 Beaver Creek Fire
  3. 2017 Boundary Fire


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