Progression Map

Product Description

The Progression Map shows the areas affected by the incident over time. A copy of the map is required to be included in the incident documentation package.

Target Audience

Planning Section, Incident Commander, host agencies, public  


  • Can be scalable from letter (8 ½” x 11”) to “E” (34” x 44”) size.
  • If more than five time periods are shown, standardized color ramps are effective in showing trends rather than discrete values.
  • Distribution through the web should be considered.

Standard Elements

All map products produced should include the STANDL-SGD cartographic elements.


  • Point of origin.
  • Base map that does not distract from fire polygons (shaded relief or topography).
  • Key geographic features (e.g., mountains, hydrography, valleys, peaks, and major roads).
  • Perimeter for each time period (differing by color).
  • Other Situation Unit Leader (SITL)-requested data.


These are examples from actual incidents and may include non-standard SITL requests for base data, labels, etc.

  1. 2017 Boundary Fire
  2. 2016 Central Fire


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